500 Coffees #60 – Amanda McCuaig


More than 60 weeks ago I read a theory that going for 50 coffees with people you’ve never met is the entrepreneur’s equivalent to the theory that doing anything for 10,000 hours will make you an expert on it. While I got the idea, 50 coffees was far easier than practicing something for ten years, so after completing that challenge I decided to make a major commitment and publish 500 over the next few years. In this series I introduce you to interesting Vancouverites, many of whom I had never met before. It’s an exercise in networking for myself and for V.I.A. while also being a platform through which I to introduce you to some people who are doing really cool stuff in the city you live in.

Name: Amanda McCuaig
Occupation: Marketing Officer
Beverage: Green Tea

Meet Amanda McCuaig. Marketing Officer at the Museum of Vancouver, painter, writer, a friend of mine and a member of Vancouver Is Awesome board of advisors.

We sat down in Urban Fare’s restaurant/cafe in the Village on False Creek before work recently and chatted about… well… mostly random stuff. The rule for (most of) these Coffees is that I’ve been sitting down with strangers, poking around a bit and sometimes asking them weird questions. It’s been like a jumping off point for further conversations that we might have. Amanda and I have been chatting for years, since we met through her work in Science World’s communications department, and this particular morning we ended up talking a lot about her home town of Kellogg, Idaho. She told me all about how the place is anchored by a lead and zinc smelter that she could see from her home growing up. We talked about the mines surrounding the area and how they hold it together economically. We talked about the one car dealership that people would drive in to from towns in the surrounding area, and even other states, because they have the best prices. We talked about how we both grew up in small towns like Kellogg. It was nice to not talk about work for once; as we’re both keen, career-oriented folk I realized after this coffee that I didn’t know her as well as I thought I did, and that it’s maybe time for me to start talking more about subjects like Kellogg with people I know and a little less about strategic partnerships.

Though I will point out that the partnership we have with the Museum of Vancouver is second to none. As you can see by glancing at the top menu bar, they’re a Community Sponsor and we’ve been aligned for years now. We will be for years and decades to come if I have a say in it. And while I’m on about decades into the future, do you want to know what the future holds for the Museum of Vancouver now that the Vancouver Art Gallery secured that sweet piece of land at Larwill Park downtown? Does this motion approved unanimously at city hall yesterday mean that the MOV will be relocating from Vanier Park to a place that’s more central and accessible to all of Vancouver and its visitors? The press release they sent out today (below) has some answers as well as more questions.

Stay tuned for more 500 Coffees, and hopefully more information about the MOV’s move!


Will the Museum of Vancouver be moving?

Vancouver, BC — The Museum of Vancouver (MOV) has been taking deliberate steps towards securing its position as a thriving part of Vancouver’s cultural landscape for generations to come. Today the museum announced its commitment to find an optimal location that will complement its provocative, award-winning programs and exhibitions.

The MOV has occupied its current location in Vanier Park since 1967. While the location is picturesque it is not without its challenges. A study is being conducted by AldrichPears Associates (APA) to define a functional program for the Museum in an optimal scenario.

“We are constantly asked about our location,” said Nancy Noble, Museum of Vancouver’s CEO. “With this study we will finally have a definitive answer to the question ‘should we stay or should we go?’”

Through the study, the Museum is examining many options for its location, the current Vancouver Art Gallery space being only one. The functional program is informed by current operations, industry best-practices, the vision for the visitor experience at the Museum and the anticipated visitation levels at the current location as well as other locations throughout Vancouver.

Isaac Marshall, Principal at APA, said, “There are so many opportunities in Vancouver right now. It is the perfect time for the MOV to prove it is ready to lead the world in redefining the role of a city museum.”

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