Pop Up Wedding Project Q&A


I’m pleased to exclaim in my enthusiastic Oprah voice, “It’s wedding seasooooon!” I’ve gone from attending zero weddings in the past few years to three in just a few months. I’ve been surrounded by bride-to-be’s since last year and from what I can tell, planning a wedding is no walk in the park. In fact, it’s a really gross walk filled with mud, rain, and dodging golf-sized balls of hail. So what if you didn’t have to go through the stress of planning every detail of your wedding while desperately trying to make it fit into your budget? Well that’s where Pop Up Wedding Project comes in!

For the weekend of September 14-15, the folks behind this wonderful project have you covered with the Chinatown Experiment as a venue, photography by the talented duo The Nickersons, an À La Carte menu, and so many more details you no longer need to stress over. I had the pleasure of speaking with Sarah Nickerson of The Nickersons and Amy and Kamelli of All & Sundry to get the scoop on this upcoming project:

Tell us a bit about yourselves: 

Hello! I’m Sarah Nickerson–one half of The Nickersons! My husband, Graeme, and I are a wedding photography duo based out of Vancouver, BC. We have an incredible passion for creating storytelling, authentic & artistic photographs for the couples we work with and we have a big love for love! We believe that wedding photography can be organic, uncontrived, and beautiful and when we photograph our couples, we are looking to create portraits that speak to the love they share and the connection between them.

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Hi! We’re Amy and Kamelli, and together we make up the team behind All & Sundry Collective, a wedding and event planning company based in Vancouver BC and Edmonton AB. We’re passionate about creating beautiful events that showcase the talents of local artists and vendors in sustainable ways and we are always on the lookout for new collaborative projects to get involved with!

What was the motive behind the project?

The Pop Up Wedding project was conceived as a fun an innovative way to reach out to the marrying minded in Vancouver who are looking for something a little bit different when it comes to their wedding day. We’ve met so many couples who would love to tie the knot in a simpler way, without the high costs and labour involved in planning a more traditional wedding, and so we created the Pop Up Wedding Project to reach out to an audience that we think is definitely under-served by the traditional wedding industry. Basically, we’re providing couples with what we believe are the essential elements of a wedding: a beautiful venue with enough space to have your nearest and dearest with you; someone to marry you in a ceremony that’s unique and personal; and documentation of the event through photos and video footage so that couples can share the memories with those unable to attend.

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 If a local company wants to be involved are there still opportunities to do so? 

Definitely! We are currently in the process of securing Community Partners who are looking to be involved in The Pop Up Wedding Project, from local vendors donating items for our PUWP swag bags, to businesses providing food and drinks. Basically if you’re a business based in Chinatown, Gastown, Crosstown or Railtown and are interested in a collaboration, we want to hear from you!

Why should couples choose PUWP over a traditional wedding?

The ideal candidates for PUWP are people who are looking to get married in a way that’s a little more laid-back and simple than a traditional wedding. Don’t get us wrong, we love traditional weddings, too; however, this kind of event isn’t for everyone, nor is it necessarily affordable, and that’s where PUWP fits in.

Is there a selection process for couples who want to get married?  

Nope! PUWP is operating on a first-come-first-served basis until all the available slots are filled. All couples are welcome and we’re also available for vow-renewals.

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 Since you’ll be doing back-to-back 90 minute ceremonies, do couples have the option to customize their wedding? 

We want each wedding to be personal and are offering our couples a variety of customizable options to choose from to help make their PUWP experience one that reflects their preferences. For example, couples will be able to customize items such as the flowers, the food, the drinks, and the music to suit their tastes.

How do you want the couples to remember their special day?  

We really hope our couples remember their PUWP experience as one of the best days of their lives! Getting married is a milestone that we’re honoured to be a part of, and we want to ensure that our couples feel celebrated in the best possible way. For more tangible memories, we’re providing our couples with beautiful photographs and video footage for sharing with friends and loved ones.