VIDEO: The amazing sounds of your city (SERIOUSLY! WATCH/LISTEN TO THIS)


We received an email from a local motion graphics artist named Ezra Istiroti this morning containing a link to this wonderful video below. Inspired by the Symphony of Sirens (a piece where the soundtrack is made entirely by sounds that happen all around us) it’s a look at things in Vancouver which sometimes go completely unnoticed by the people walking on the streets. Sounds that are so familiar that they’ve become part of the background and we sometimes take them for granted.

Of the project, Ezra says it “gave me the opportunity to explore Vancouver in a way that I’ve never done it before, not only taking in what my eyes can see, but paying more attention to the sounds that were around me at that time. Having to stop for a moment and listen in places that usually you just pass by on your way to work or home. I’ve spent hours walking around, listening, taking in whatever I could, and in some cases, some smells that are part of the streets like the food market in chinatown, or the smell of fresh mowed grass on David Lam Park.”

The end result is beautiful. Best three and a half minutes you’ll spend on the internet today. Enjoy.

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