On the Road to the pumpkin patch in the 2013 Honda Civic Coupe Si


Welcome to the twentieth instalment of our “On the Road to…” series! The deal is simple: manufacturers loan us vehicles, we drive them to sweet locations, shoot photos along the way and then share that experience with you.

For this latest piece we took the new Honda Civic Si out to Westham Island Herb Farm in Ladner to pick up some pumpkins for halloween.


Like all of the local pumpkin patches, this one is located on a working farm, and it’s loads of fun to “work” there for about an hour every year.


We loaded up a wheelbarrow then visited the store and the little haunted house they’ve set up.


All types of strange gourds await you at their little marketplace. And jams.


What’s kinda crazy is that Westham Island Herb Farm is on an actual island which was formed by the fingers of the Fraser River breaking up right before they hit the Pacific. It’s the same little island that the George C. Reifel Bird Sanctuary is on, as well as a few other farms. Only one single-lane bridge goes onto it (and off of it), and there’s a large sign right as you get on to the island that says “This island is protected by the Westham Island Gun Club. Trespassers will be shot”. Okeedokee!


I wouldn’t recommend trespassing anywhere on the island but certainly take a spin around it. There’s a lot of neat stuff to see.


And how was the car? Fun! I’ve actually never driven a Civic, and as you can see in THE ARCHIVES FOR THIS FEATURE I often find myself behind the wheels of SUVs or larger cars. To get into a 6 speed coupe is a rare treat, and in the first few seconds I was reminded of that joy of driving that only a car can offer. Sure the trucks cars I’ve been in for this series mostly have great power and luxury but that real feeling of being close to the road and closer to the experience of driving… that’ something that can only come from a car, and this one was a joy. As you can see we also made it work for my little family by putting our 5 year old’s carseat in the back, so it’s not entirely out of the question that this could be a family vehicle. And it’s the boldest and highest performing of the Civic models, so it wasn’t a stretch when I told my son he was riding in a “race car”. He loved it.

Learn more about the Honda Civic Coupe Si at honda.ca/civic_coupe_si

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