Vancouver Creatives


VANCOUVER CREATIVES WEEK #4: VNB Photo is proud to present Lison Ouellette, Interior Designer & Founder at Lison Art Furniture


Vancouver Creatives is a collaborative Calotype photography project by VNB Photo showcasing Vancouver’s best creative talent today industry per industry. Find us at Vancouver is Awesome every Wednesday to discover a total of 20 portraits of the most contributive business founders and individuals to Vancouver’s unique high-quality lifestyle and forward 21st C. identity. All photographs are purely analog, a VNB Photo trait, being taken on special coated paper using a massive 1920s 8×10 camera system.

From January 1st, the portfolio will open to a public call for all Vancouverites to nominate their favourite creatives, so make your short-list now and get ready to pitch in soon! A public exhibition will also follow in early summer 2014.

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