More of our top picks for the @GeorgiaStraight’s Golden Plates


Vancouver’s favourite free magazine, The Georgia Straight has launched their annual ‘Golden Plates’, where they let the locals decide who reigns supreme in all things delicious in Vancouver. As an avid ‘foodie’ (ew, I hate that term , did I really just call myself that?) and someone who eats out more than one should, I wanted to give my thoughts on a few of my personal picks for this year.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: a few more of our contributors will be sharing their picks leading up to the final day of voting for your favourites. You can track them all HERE]

Instead of taking you through each and every category, I am focusing on three. Best Vegetarian, Best Tacos and Best B.C Wine/Winery.

Amy’s pick for: Best Vegetarian

Who: The Acorn

Not only was The Acorn chosen as one of Canada’s Best New Restaurants by En Route Magazine for 2013, The Acorn is a golden gem of Vancouver in my eye. When I moved to this fair city about six years ago, the vegetarian scene was hurting. I was a constant pain in the tush to my friends with complaints about a lack of great vegetarian food. “We want fancy food too”, I would cry as my amigos would roll their eyes. Well, now we have a place to get our veg on that isn’t just salad and juice! The Acorn is a restaurant for vegetarians to smile. A place where vegetarians and carnivores can both rejoice, have mouthgasm after mouthgasm and leave satisfied and with a full stomach. WHO NEEDS BACON?! You won’t miss it after a dinner with these guys. Make a reservation, and don’t forget to order from their remarkably inventive, strong and delicious cocktail list.

Photo Credit Sean David
Photo Credit Sean David

The Acorn
3995 Main Street
Vancouver, BC, V5V 3P3

Amy’s pick for: Best Tacos

Who: La Taqueria

Vancouver is well known for fresh fish and local ingredients, and lesser known for our Mexican food delights. La Taqueria is an obvious choice for the winner of best tacos in Vancouver. If you haven’t been there, they are one of the must visit spots in our city. With authentic tacos that are gluten free, vegan and vegetarian options are available as well as a full array of sustainable meat/seafood options, these little morsels of goodness keep me going back for more. My favourite is the ‘Pescado’ which is a delicious white fish taco. I like to load it up with habanero salsa and finish it all off with a cold Mexican beer. They have tons of great specials on their twitter and facebook pages, like #HorchataTuesday (free horchata on Tuesdays), #TacoWednesday (buy four tacos and get two free on Wednesdays), #JuevebesThursday ($3 beer on Thursdays), and on their facebook page, they post a Spanish word of the day on a secret hidden page (you have to like the page to see the word). Say the word of the day when you order, and get your 5th taco, FREE!

Photo Credit Dennis Pang
Photo Credit Dennis Pang

La Taqueria has two locations (and a food truck in the summer)
2549 Cambie & 322 W. Hastings


Amy’s Pick for: Best B.C. Wine/Winery

Who: Blasted Church

Blasted Church is one of my favourite B.C. wineries. Located in Okanagan Falls, Blasted Church features impeccable wines with unmistakably unique bottles. One of my favourites is their Hatfield’s Fuse. This delicious medium bodied white wine has hints of with lychee and pineapple, making it the perfect pairing to a great piece of fresh cod or halibut. Available at all B.C. Liquor stores, and specialty wine shops.

rsz_park-7Blasted Church Vineyards
378 Parsons Road
Okanagan Falls, B.C.

Now you’ve heard my picks, go choose your own. VOTE HERE.