Cat Videos + Club PuSh = Swan Songs for Cats


When Norma, the Vancouver-based arts collective, perform their last performance as a group, they do it cat-style. The long-running collective, fronted by artist Vanessa Kwan, will perform Swan Song (for Cats) at Club PuSh as part of the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival. We guarantee a random good time at the one-night only performance on Saturday, January 25 at Club PuSh on Granville Island. Norma, in collaboration with Vancouver’s favourite songstress Veda Hille, are dangling the promise of gaudy costumes, a choir, a unitard, a dance routine, a light show and some sweet, sweet song.

Oh, and a thousand cats. A thousand Internet-meming cats.

So to prime us for this over-the-top show, we’ll now suck up your entire day with this critical viewing video list:

1.Maru: A fat cat’s love affair with a cardboard box.


2.Tape Cats: A Study


3. Don’t go chasing waterfalls.


4. Cat in shark costume chases a duck while riding a Roomba. It is what it says it is, and it will make you cry.


5. Law of physics: If a cat jumps it will land, however inelegantly.


6. If you can watch this one without gasping, there is a vacuum where your heart should be.


So, do we apologize for wasting your work day? Maybe.

But you will thank us after Saturday’s performance of Swan Song (for Cats) at Club PuSh.