#CycleChicFilms: Back and Forth


Getting on your bike in the winter in Vancouver? It’s not that bad, right? Just yank on a tuque, wrap on a giant scarf, and you’re good to go.

This November, Vancouver Cycle Chic had the chance to spend the day with Gordon Price, a former member of the Vancouver City Council who lives in the West End. Gord has always taken an interest in making Vancouver the most livable city it can be. He and his partner Len Sobo also happen to ride their bikes around a lot, and that caught our attention.

So we made a short film about them. What a beautiful city we live in, regardless of the drizzle.

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We’re currently seeking sponsors for a new series of #CycleChicFilms for 2014. Email us at contact@vancouvercyclechic.ca for more details.


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