Vancouver People Project Volume 22 – Alex Alegria


Many times a day, the people you see crossing the street or meet in your travels make you smile and wonder, “What is their life like? What is their story?” A photographer is compelled to capture these individuals’ image to communicate their unique stories—to take a portrait that reflects their personality and the world they live in. For me (@tallulahphoto), this evolved into a passion to photograph these everyday people, whose unique souls reflect not only the zeitgeist but the joy and colour that comes from living on the West Coast.

Portraits from the Vancouver People Project will be featured in Vancouver Is Awesome as a precursor to a future photographic exhibit featuring the wonderful characters who contribute to the fabric of Vancouver.  Tallulah can be reached at


Alex Alegria

Age: September 1976

Born:  I was born in Tuxtepec, Oaxaca in Mexico. Tuxtepec is an industrial city with lots of factories; one of the biggest produces Corona Beer.

How long have you lived in Vancouver? Since 1996

Occupations:  I studied tourism in Acapulco; from there it seemed that Vancouver would be a good fit for me as it is very well known in Mexico as a tourist destination. When I first arrived here I started working in restaurants washing dishes and serving customers — anything that was required. I was comfortable with this as my family owned two restaurants in Mexico and I love being with people. These days I am very busy managing La Casa, a music rehearsal/studio space, and performing with Los Dorados, a mariachi band with 12 musicians. I still find time to sing and act in other capacities. Los Dorados’ humble beginnings were just me and my guitar, singing in front of the library on Robson Street. Over time I met many musicians who wanted to play with me. By 2003 I had a seven-piece mariachi band. We were eventually invited to represent Canada at the biggest mariachi festival in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Passions and Interests: Music and history; I am fascinated by interesting people who have made a difference in our world and ancient civilizations that, to this day, still influence our lives with their innovations and culture. I thrive on the creative and marketing aspects of business.

What do people know you for? First and foremost, I am known as a mariachi musician; second for being in charge of La Casa.

Thoughts on Vancouver? Vancouver is a great city; it’s full of opportunities and possibilities.  I love it!  It would make me happier if the issues with street drugs were resolved. I am also in favour of less cars and more green space.


Tallulah’s Musings

I loved the story Alex told me about when he was a kid, he always asked his mother to buy shoes at “Shoes Canada,” a store chain. It wasn’t for the shoes, but simply because Alex loved the sound of the word Canada. For Alex’s portrait I chose Vancouver’s art deco Marine Building, which was built around the same period as the heyday of mariachi music — from the 1920s to 1930s.