Here’s the deal with those red umbrellas hanging along the seawall!


We received the letter below from an anonymous source this weekend, explaining those red umbrellas you may have spotted along the seawall! – BK


“We are writing to you as anonymous Vancouverites with a request. We read your articles and know your commitment to the creative vibrancy of this city, and so we would like to share our creative act with you. As a testament to this beloved city, we are suspending handfuls of red umbrellas from naked trees along a patch of the Spanish Banks seawall. Our love affair with the city’s rainfall must be expressed, and we thought of no better person to share it with than you. Will you help spread the word?

Under cover of night, four Vancouverites meet to celebrate their city. From Spanish Banks, skyline silhouettes Stanley Park, Cypress. Tonight, we have reason: for too long we’ve grumbled of wet, not truly celebrating our City’s great gift – the rain. For in our dark, damp days do we not await the pleasures of spring: sunshine, buds, colours emerge. Alas, what of the pleasures of winter: as rains pour, leaves fall, umbrellas open to meet the skies, rainblossoms. Under cover of night, four Vancouverites meet to celebrate their city, for better or worse, rain or shine.

In civic spirit, the Rainblossom Project (with the help of VIA) invites Vancouver’s sister cities of Odessa, Yokohama, Edinburgh, Guangzhou, Los Angeles, and Seoul to spread the red.

Sincerely, Vancouver”

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