Vancouver Creatives: Barrie Mowatt


VNB Photo is proud to present Barrie Mowatt, Founder and President of the Vancouver Biennale.


The Vancouver Creatives Portfolio public nomination campaign is concluding this Friday on February 28th: Make sure to vote each of these 3 final days for your favorite nominees to have him/her win one of the 6 open industry categories and be photographed by VNB in March!

Support your favorite nominee by voting for him/her here:

View the entire Vancouver Creatives Portfolio to this day here:
Vancouver Creatives is a collaborative Calotype photography project by VNB Photo showcasing Vancouver’s best creative talent today industry per industry. Find us at Vancouver is Awesome every Wednesday to discover a total of 20 portraits of the most contributive business founders and individuals to Vancouver’s unique high-quality lifestyle and forward 21st C. identity. All photographs are purely analog, a VNB Photo trait, being taken on special coated paper using a massive 1920s 8×10 camera system.

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