#dinnerpartyYVR Hobby Chef Tales: Douglas Vandor’s Tapas Vancouver Style


On Saturday, April 5, 30 Vancouverites will make home cooked meals for strangers all to benefit local charities during #dinnerpartyYVR, presented by CresseySPUD, Fortis BC and Two Rivers help provide the dinner ingredients, while Serendipity Winery and Granville Island Brewery will pour libations. After dinner, Modo, The Car-Coop will whisk diners off to the After Party, hosted at Meccanica.

And over the next two weeks, we’ll be sharing some of the hobby chef’s stories. To support a meal, visit dinnerpartyyvr.com.

Meet Douglas Vandor, two time Canadian Olympic rower. Tell us what inspired you to sign on as a Hobby Chef?
I received an email from NWCA of Vancouver and thought it was a great way to have fun cooking while raising money for charity. Plus, I love cooking! Enough said!

What will your meal, Tapas Vancouver Style, be like?
I like eating small amounts of many different things in one sitting. That is what I am trying to do with my meal.

Who is your sous chef, and why did you pick them?
My soon to be wife. We both like cooking and have a lot of fun in the kitchen together.

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Photo credit: Noah Ferguson

Where’s home to you?
We live near Fraser and Kingsway. I like the proximity to many different neighbourhoods. We are on the edge of little Saigon, near the funky cafés and restaurants of Main and Fraser, and an easy stroll to Cambie village.

What’s your home like?
It’s a small condo. The best feature is the counter which separates the kitchen from living area. We will be sitting at the counter, just like at a tapas bar.

Why did you choose Big Brothers?
I was a big brother for ten years when I lived in Victoria. The organization means a lot to me. They provide role models for young kids who are not lucky enough to have any and fill a huge void for many young boys in the community. The work they do is extremely important and they are always short of big brothers! If you have some time and are looking for a great organization to join, consider Big Brothers.

Douglas and Diana’s meal is sold out, but there’s still room at these tables.