My Heart in Kenya Fundraising Campaign


I’m so impressed by the work a couple of folks I know have put into the documentary, My Heart in Kenya. Director and producer, Hunter Wood is a local filmmaker who is humble in his work, but his incredible talent is obvious in what he produces. Writer and producer, Trevor Renney, is also gifted in his ability to tell stories and has put his talents into bringing Zeynab and Nasteha’s story to life.


After fleeing from civil war in Ethiopia, Zeynab attempted to immigrate to Canada with five children. But during the immigration process, became pregnant with her sixth child, Nasteha. She was forced to leave baby Nasteha behind. Three years later, social service worker, Ruth Beardsley attempts to bring Nasteha back to Vancouver and reunite her with her mother.

The trailer still leaves my eyes misty. The team has thirty days to raise $20,000 so they can complete and release the film. To illustrate how passionate they are about it, everyone behind the project has a full-time job so this has and will continue to be done in their spare time!

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