Back when the #CBC produced “spine tingling” horror cassette tapes


Here’s a commercial for a strange CBC anthology series called Nightfall which was released in the 80’s. It was produced by an arm of the public broadcaster called CBC Enterprises which was founded in 1982 to commercialize on CBC recordings. More can be found about that effort, which seemed to have been cut in 1991, HERE.

This is one of many gems that V.I.A. reader Rob Richardson has dug up from his collection. The source is a vast collection of VHS tapes that he recorded himself or has managed to collect from thrift stores, flea markets, storage lockers, yard sales, contacts with people in other parts of Canada and the U.S., and anywhere he can manage. He’s driven over to Vancouver Island and as far down as Olympia, Washington to rescue analogue goodness before they’ve wound up in the scrapper and we’re happy to bring you a Vancouver-centric clip each week.

Here are some others we’ve shared:

A TV commercial for the PNE starring Garfield, Odie and Nermal! – 1986
Blackcomb Mountain launches – 1982
The Captain, Aye Aye and Good Buy – 1994
Royal City Antiques – 1985
BC Place monster truck rally – 1985
A British Columbia Minute from CBC – 1986
Mom n’ Pop corner stores in Vancouver falling on tough times? – 1984

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