The best food show in Canada is produced right here. Watch the first episode online


Remember when I INTRODUCED YOU to Chad Brealey in my 500 COFFEES series and told you he was working on a show called Salt, Fresh & Field? Well, I’m incredibly happy to bring you the first episode of it today.

Originally only available on TELUS Optik, I actually watched the series months ago when it first became available to subscribers and I’m over the moon that everyone can now check it out online. The premise of the show is that he brings people out to catch/hunt food in Western Canada – from the ocean (Salt), fresh water (Fresh) and the woods (Field) – then they bring it back to top tier chefs who prepare a feast. They shows us the sources of our food and bring us closer to them, and that’s only one of the reasons why I think this is the best food show (if not the best show period) in Canada.

In this first episode below Chad heads out to Victoria in search of seafood. Narrator, host, food wrangler, he lays out his intention in the first couple of minutes by saying “I want to see what unexpected delicacies are hidden in the city’s own backyard… and I want to eat them”. And indeed he does both. Here, watch:

Not only are Salt, Fresh & Field‘s stories local ones but the music that’s weaved into each episode is home grown too. Topless, Fur Trade, Oh No! Yoko, Leisure Suit, Greg Bevis, Thieves, Lindsay Bryan, Humans and Fallbrigade can all be heard in this first one.

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