5 Reasons Lynn Valley is the Next Great Neighbourhood


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Tucked into the North Shore mountains, Lynn Valley is quickly evolving into the Lower Mainland’s next great place to live. It’s got miles of hiking and biking trails through lush rainforest. It’s got great shops like Delaney’s Coffee, YYoga, Brown’s, Black Bear Pub, a great public library and a great sense of community spirit. It’s also on the verge of a major transformation as developments take shape that will create an expanded pedestrian-friendly village and hub for families, dog owners and outdoor adventure lovers.


But there aren’t a lot of condos. It’s a quiet community of mostly single-family homes. That’s about to change. Just steps from Lynn Valley’s village centre, Mill House is a new four-storey, 75 home condo development that offers an opportunity to buy into an untapped market where there are very few other new condo projects coming to market.


“This is going to be a fantastic place to live,“ says Nic Paolella, Development Manager for Marcon. “We’re offering a limited opportunity to own an affordable and well-built home in an awesome community with proximity to the world’s best biking and outdoor adventures and within an easy commute to Vancouver.”

Need more proof? Here are five reasons to live in Lynn Valley:

1. In terms of housing – you can get more for less in Lynn Valley. Affordability is real here. Land cost is cheaper so you can get more square footage and more amenities for less money.

2. The area has a walkscore of 93/100. That means it’s a great place to walk your dog, your baby, yourself. It means you can walk everywhere – to trails, for groceries, coffee and whatever else you need.

3. Lynn Valley Centre Mall is going to be redeveloped and will be a new exciting retail hub in the next few years.

4. Everyone is looking for community. Lynn Valley has it, in spades. It’s the kind of place where popping by to borrow a cup of sugar from a neighbor is normal. And there’s always something going on – Lynn Valley Days, Christmas tree decorating, Easter Egg Hunts, live music.

5. So it rains a lot? It rains a lot everywhere in Vancouver. Okay, maybe a little more in Lynn Valley. But according to most residents, a little extra water doesn’t make much difference. It does make the trails more beautiful though and it creates tons of great swimming spots for summer.

Sales of Marcon’s Mill House homes are set to begin in September. For more details on Mill House, check it out HERE.


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