Life in the Bike Lane: Jesus


-1In this series we stop people along the bike lanes in Vancouver and have chats with them about their thoughts on cycling, their bikes, and more. Have a look at the archive HERE.


Name: Jesus

Tell me about your bike.

This one’s name is Wobbly, because it has a wobbly back tire. I also have 2 other bikes named Toothless and Squachi. I got these awesome blue motion sensor lights for the tires off of a website, which helps to beautify my bike but are a pain in battery costs. I also recently purchased a bike trailer off Craigslist that allows me to lug my musical equipment around for busking and playing shows.

Where did you get Wobbly?

Wobbly was left behind in the house that I moved into with my roommate. I managed to fix it up for myself when no one came back for it.

Do you commute on your bike?

When it’s sunny I do. It’s about a 45 minute ride to my work at the Lush head office. I also like to bike around the city on the weekend when the roads are generally congested with traffic and I can ride on through. I also like to just get out of the city and up into the mountains when I can. There I can go mountain biking on Toothless as well as go snowboarding in the winter.

Have you ever hurt yourself mountain biking?

Only once did I hurt myself badly. I was going off dirt jumps and I knew I wouldn’t be able to connect my feet properly back on the pedals before I my bike landed on the ground so my options were to bail or sack myself. So I bailed. Luckily I only ended up fracturing my radius after landing on my elbow. After 6 years of mountain biking I’ve learned that you have to become one with the bike in order to handle it well. Also you need to look ahead and go with the flow of the mountain.

Are you going to be dressing up for Halloween this year?

Unfortunately I think I will be too busy with musical ventures to put together a costume. If I was going to I would probably go as Spawn, as I have been getting into the comics late. Last year I went as Master Chief from Halo.

You’re a musician then? What do you play?

I perform under the name “Canzino,” and I play with a combination of guitar, vocals and DJ beats looped together. Its semi-improvisation electronic rock and I’ve played about 12 shows since February. I just put out a new video online which is a demo of one of my live performances.

Where did the name “Canzino” come from?

My last name is Cancino, and so I just changed the “C” to a “Z” which also pays tribute to my nickname which is “Zeus.”

Are you from Vancouver originally?

I grew up in Langley and my parents are both originally from Mexico – Mexico City and Oaxaca. They saw that the government was going down hill so they left and moved to Canada.

Are there any words of wisdom that you want to leave me with?

A phrase at that really resonates with me is “Die Empty.” As I believe it is good to live life to the fullest and give your all every day so that you can die fully fulfilled and empty of regret.


Jesus was recently written about in SFU’s The Peak (HERE) and his next performance is on November 25th at the Cellar on Granville Street.