5 things every kid in vancouver should know about their city


City-Of-VancouverWhile this is by no means a complete list, it is a fun way to learn some quick facts about the city we call home. I tested a bunch of random facts with the youngsters I hang out with on a daily basis, and they were pretty sure these were the ones we should share.  If you would like to add to the list, we’d love to hear from you – send Carina and I an email or reply to this post!

To keep it as democratic as possible, the list order was chosen while blindfolded with a Vancouver Is Awesome bandana, and selected out of a Canucks toque.


1: The California Roll is a Vancouver Creation

California Rolls are a major staple in our diet around these parts. You’d be happy to know that this go-to roll is a Vancouver invention! Yup, chef Hidekazu Tojo moved to Vancouver in 1971 from Japan and saw a space in the market for an inside-out roll that featured fresh fish and seaweed. Reportedly, the roll was named the “California Roll” because many of the guests in his restaurant hailed from Los Angeles. I’m thinking “Vancouver Roll” petition? Just Sayin.


2: Stanley Park is BIGGER (and dare I say better) than Central Park

Our world famous public park, which is home to around a half million trees, and was named the Best Park in the WORLD by Trip Advisor this past June is also bigger than Central Park! While the Yankee treasure is 843 acres, our home-grown jewel is a whopping 1001 acres.

9-o-clock Gun

3: Why Nine-O-Clock?

As mentioned in Vancouver History, the made in 1816 naval canon has had a sordid past. It’s been hit by lightning, stolen, and plugged full of rocks, but has been shooting its 9-o-clock cannon for more than 100 years. Why nine-o-clock? Well, it seems that there was a different way of letting Vancouver know the time for much of the rest of the day all those years ago, including fire bells at 8am, noon and 6pm. According to Wikipedia, it was originally installed to “warn fishermen of the 18:00 Sunday close of fishing,” before being set-off daily to allow for rest of us to know it’s time for bed.


4:  Home to Canada’s First Artificial Ice Rink

That’s what’s up. The 10,500 seat Denman Arena was built on the corner of Denman and Georgia in 1911. It was (at the time) the largest indoor ice rink in the world. The arena was home to The Vancouver Millionaires, the city’s first hockey team, and it also featured public skate nights, boxing matches and opera singers.


5:  Our Pool is Bigger Than Your Pool

That’s right! Kitsilano Pool, measuring in at 137.5 meters, is around the size of 3 Olympic pools, and is the longest pool in Canada. It’s Vancouver’s only saltwater pool, and more surprisingly to all the parents out there, there are reports that the pool is actually heated ;-)

Thank you to the Vancouver Archives for these amazing photos… minus the sushi.



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