This is the Vancouver #Canucks’ Most Awesome Goalie of All Time


mostawesome2014 On April 30th, 1994 Kirk McLean made a save that is arguably the single most memorable one in the Vancouver Canucks franchise history, saving the team from being eliminated in the run up to the Stanley Cup finals, where they nearly clinched the cup in a 7 game final series. For the 20th anniversary of “The Save” we decided it was time to honour McLean with the award of the Most Awesome Canucks Goalie of All Time. We asked the CBC’s Grant Lawrence – author of the recent bestselling hockey book, “The Lonely End of the Rink” – about the roll McLean has played in the history of our beloved local team, and here’s what he had to say:

“Before Kirk McLean, it could be argued that the Canucks never had long lasting stability in net. When McLean came in to officially replace the beloved but aging Richard Brodeur, it felt like a new slab of concrete foundation had been poured into the House of Canuck. With the steady Scot in net, visible confidence began to ripple through the entire team. It all climaxed in the spring of 1994, but Kirk McLean was a very good goaltender before and after than magical year. Besides being an elite athlete on the ice, off the ice Captain Kirk was always a wonderful, even-keeled, and calm ambassador for the Canucks. He’s one of the team’s all-time top ten greats.” – Grant Lawrence

Photo: Christine McAvoy
Photo: Christine McAvoy

This is one of our Editor’s Picks! Check out all of the winners of Most Awesome Awards from the Readers Choice below.

2014 Most Awesome Awards – Readers Choice

By Vancouver Is Awesome

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    John Davis!

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    Tomas Lang!

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    Terminal City Roller Girls!

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    Joni McKervey!

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    Bif Naked!

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    Ken Lyotier of United We Can!

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    Vancouver Whitecaps FC supporters!

  • Most Awesome Librarian

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    Sheila Mclean!

  • Most Awesome Free Thing

    By Vancouver Is Awesome

    The Vancouver Public Library!

  • Most Awesome Walking Bridge

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    The one in East Van featured in The Raymur Mothers!

  • Most Awesome Place to Regain Faith in Humanity

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    Sol Convenience Store!

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    Stanley Park!

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    Knit Social!

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    My Little Pony – Friendship is Magic!

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    Peaceful Noodle’s Spicy Tangy Dumpling Soup!

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    The Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise!

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    Chad Brealey from Salt, Fresh & Field!

  • Most Awesome Animal Rights Organization

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    The BC SPCA’s Vancouver branch!

  • Most Awesome Kitchen Rescue Organization

    By Vancouver Is Awesome


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