CreativeMornings/Vancouver: Margo Kane Asks ‘Who Are Your People?’



Enter Margo Kane, a recent speaker at Vancouver Creative Mornings, sharing her story growing up Cree-Saulteaux with a single father and against the odds, finds her beat by giving others the floor in the name of performance art. Founder and Artistic Managing Director of Full Circle: First Nations Performance and the Talking Stick Festival in its 14th year – she’s breaking the ice by blending cultural backgrounds through art and performance.

Feeling like a pioneer or an explorer with a resourceful aptitude it was the positivity around her that allowed her to see the world with big flickering eyes. She’s here to dig up the stories that get left behind and present the beauty in stories through performance and reinvention. For Margo, her true beat came with asking, “Who are my people?”

Margo notes with humour and acuteness, the Aboriginal community is “intertribal, not monolithic. People can love you but they still want you to be like them.” She received the Inaugural Lorena Gale Woman of Distinction from the Union of BC Performers as well as a Jesse Theatre Award for Best Supporting Actress in Where the Blood Mixes, Kevin Loring’s Governor-General’s Award-winning play, and someone who saw her authenticity very early on.

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