Michael J Fox, Expo Ernie and Jackson Davies from the Beachcombers grace the same stage


Who knew that Jackson Davies from the Beachcombers, Expo Ernie and Michael J Fox were ever in the same room together? This 1985 clip of the closing moments of this CBC/CBUT’s New Year’s special holds the proof!

This clip is one of many gems that Rob Richardson has dug up from his collection. The source is a vast archive of VHS tapes that he recorded himself or has managed to collect from thrift stores, flea markets, storage lockers, yard sales, contacts with people in other parts of Canada and the U.S., and anywhere he can manage. He’s driven over to Vancouver Island and as far down as Olympia, Washington to rescue analogue goodness before they’ve wound up in the scrapper and we’re happy to bring you a Vancouver-centric clip each week.

Here are some others we’ve shared:

CKNW commercial starring a strapping Bill Good – 1988
Local restaurant succumbs to development pressures – 1997
That time the Masters of the Universe live show played the Coliseum – 1987
A truck rips around INSIDE the gates of BC Place – 1985
“Nice tooter!” CBC News broadcast from New Years – 1985
Vancouver East Neighbourhood Television – 1985
Gigantic bottle of O’Keefe’s Extra Old Stock appears on the Vancouver Skyline – 1987
“Get a head start” with The Province Newspaper – Early 1980’s
Malacca Rattan commercial – 1987
Vancouver Television (VTV) promo – 1998
Celebrities, back when it was known as the Crazy Horse Cabaret – 1977
The Captain says Aye Aye and Goodbye to 175 pounds, smokes and alcoholism! – early 2000’s
“Look, a real mugger!”, commercial for the Vancouver Playhouse – 1987
Starboard Pant Factory’s deals on acid wash jeans – 1987
Back when the CBC produced “spine tingling” horror cassette tapes – 1985
A TV commercial for the PNE starring Garfield, Odie and Nermal! – 1986
Blackcomb Mountain launches – 1982
The Captain, Aye Aye and Good Buy – 1994
Royal City Antiques – 1985
BC Place monster truck rally – 1985
A British Columbia Minute from CBC – 1986
Mom n’ Pop corner stores in Vancouver falling on tough times? – 1984

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