5 Reasons to vote YES in the transit referendum


Words: Peter Ladner of the Better Transit & Transportation Yes Coalition

On March 16 everyone registered to VOTE in Metro Vancouver will get a ballot in the mail asking “Do you support a new 0.5% Metro Vancouver Congestion Improvement Tax, to be dedicated to the Mayors’ Transportation and Transit Plan?”

If more than 50% vote “yes”, the 10-year plan of $7.5-billion worth of transit and transportation improvements will go ahead, with the province and federal governments expected to come through their usual two-thirds share.

5 Reasons to vote YES in the Transit Referendum

By Vancouver Is Awesome.

The transit referendum is a generational turning point for us. Let’s not mess it up.

  • Health, Economy, Livability

    By Vancouver Is Awesome.

    YES is the single biggest step we can take to improve the region’s health, economy and livability while fighting climate change. This will be the biggest investment in public health in our generation.

  • 11 new B-Lines and a new Millenium

    By Vancouver Is Awesome.

    The mayors’ plan invests in every municipality, including 11 new B-lines, new Millennium Line along Broadway to Arbutus, 80% more NightBus, 3 Surrey/Langley light rail lines, 2,700 km of bike lanes.

  • Avoid Congestion

    By Vancouver Is Awesome.

    With 1.1 million people coming here, without these new investments, we will choke on congestion, bad air, high household costs, inequity and lack of mobility.

  • The Entire Region Pitches In

    By Vancouver Is Awesome.

    A YES vote will cost the average household 35 cents a day. There will be independent audits of the spending. The proposed increase to the PST will be paid by residents, businesses and visitors.

  • Avoid Improvement Delays

    By Vancouver Is Awesome.

    TransLink is not on the ballot. Voting “no” will only guarantee that much-needed improvements are delayed, and that this widely-supported plan goes down the drain.

Here’s what you can do:
– Make sure you’re registered to VOTE. (Canadian citizens, over 18, in B.C. for six months, Metro Van residents.) Check your name and your family members too. Register or update your voter registration by calling 1-800-661-8683, or register online HERE.
– Sign the pledge at the www.bettertransit.info website and encourage your friends and networks to do the same.
– Get your organization to publicly pledge its support and join the Yes Coalition at www.bettertransit.info
– Collect names and contact information of Yes supporters in your organization or networks and forward them to the Yes Coalition via the WEBSITE.
– Get the facts — read the Plan. Spread the WORD. Find out how the plan will benefit you, your neighbourhood, your workplace.  
DONATE to help our Coalition! As little as $5 donation will help us get a YES lawn sign to your door.
– Use social media to let people know you are supporting the Yes coalition. Like us on Facebook. Follow us Twitter. Respond to media stories, blogs, and talk shows showing your support.
– Volunteer on the YES Campaign. Email: voteyes@bettertransit.info