Vancouver Creatives 2. Winner Profile: Ryan Boechler and Christine Huynh (Studio Bup)


This Wednesday the Vancouver Creatives 2 Portfolio and upcoming analogue photography exhibition is pleased to present an historical portrait of Ryan Boechler and Christine Huynh of Studio Bup, winners of the industrial design category this year! Only two more creatives portraits remain to be released this month featuring Eryn Derksen (product design) and Mike Seymour (Installation Art) ahead of the Make Is Awesome exhibition opening on Thursday, June 4th basically just a month from today!  A special weekly feature will also present our talented contributor designer Kelly Turner (also the brain behind Vancouver’s gorgeous “Fall in Love with Local” event). But today is all about Christine and Ryan, a uniquely gifted and innovative duo whose unlimited design talent trickles down from the very top of Main Street’s famed Lee Building! Read on for more background information on these two below!
Ryan Boechler and Christine Huynh (Studio Bup) were picked by our 11 jurors as the top talent in the Industrial Design industry! Make sure to mark your calendar on June 4th and come see their portrait as a genuine silver gelatin handprint at the Vancouver Creatives 2 Exhibition opening at Make Gallery at 257 E. 7th Ave (Main & 7th)!


Studio Bup is a creative partnership between Ryan Boechler and Christine Huynh. After meeting at interaction design school and discovering a mutual appreciation for industrial design, Studio Bup was formed as  a creative outlet to ‘unplug’ and move off-screen. They find inspiration in mixing materials, colours and textures. With projects ranging from furniture to packaging design, Studio Bup strives to approach each project with a fresh perspective and create objects that are familiar yet unexpected.

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