5 Reasons Bike to Work Week (May 25-31) is Awesome


1) The Prizes. 

With over 100 prizes, including a trip for two to Europe and 6 new bikes up for grabs, why wouldn’t you sign up?


2) The Celebration Stations

This spring over 60 Bike to Work Week Celebration Stations will be set up during Bike to Work Week. Stop by a morning station for a free coffee and snack on your way to work. If you just got your bike out of garage hibernation, stop by a station for a free bike tune-up. Some stations will even have free massages! The catch? You just have to try biking to work.

To find a Celebration Station near your office, check out the celebration station map.


3) The Wrap-up Barbeque

HUB will be wrapping up another great Bike to Work Week with an outdoor Bike BBQ on Friday, May 29th from 4pm-7pm at Creekside Park (near Science World).

All people on bikes can stop by for free hot dogs (or veggie burgers), free hot chocolate and other treats, free bike repairs, children’s activities & Vancouver’s first cargo bike challenge! There’ll also be free Bike Valet Parking at the event.


4) It’s Free to Sign Up

Here’s how it works:

1. Register for Bike to Work Week here. You can either register as a Team Leader (creating a team) or as a Rider (joining a team or riding solo).

2. Encourage your colleagues to join your team and help you win more prizes!

3. Log your trips during Bike to Work Week. Each day that you log a trip you’ll be entered to win a new bike and you’ll help your organization win an organizational award. Everyone who logs a trip this spring will also be entered to win a trip for 2 to Europe!

5) Biking to Work is More Fun

Plus you’ll save tons of cash, get in shape for summer, and probably arrive at work faster than transit or driving. Oh yeah, it’s great for the environment too.

Register for free at bikehub.ca.