Remember when East of Main Street was all ocean, before they filled it in?


It’s easy to forget that the False Creek Flats area, just East of Main Street, used to be exactly that: a large tidal flat full of saltwater and shellfish. In fact most people probably don’t even realize that it was. Back in 1915 they approved an order to fill it in order to make way for two railroad terminuses and an industrial area which operates to this day was born. The area is really starting to take shape lately with MEC recently completing their new headquarters there, and Emily Carr University breaking ground on their new facility in the area. The Vancouver Economic Commission released this quick video below which includes old old archival photos which have been animated, telling the history of the area.

They’ve also put together a minisite at where they share stats on the area and have another video (narrated by a dude with an overtly American accent for some reason) where they talk about the future of the area. It’s interesting stuff.

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