VIDEO: Turn Your Overgrown Backyard Into Food You Can Eat


Planting season may be over, but if the thought “gee, I still haven’t started that garden I promised myself the past three summers” has entered your brain, or “I would love a garden if I knew what to do… free food is awesome,” then let the helpful video below plant a seed in your brain to blossom into total resolve. Next season, you’ll be a gardener.

I was one of those folks who always thought having a garden would be rad but could hardly keep houseplants ALIVE let alone figure out how to make them grow food for me. But after meeting an urban gardener and enlisting his help back in June, Johnny and I learned everything we needed to turn a portion of our ratty East Van backyard into an abundant, delicious and nutritious organic garden. With a few… extras in there.

Oh and if you need that final dangling carrot to get your green butt–er, thumb–in gear: I just had a delicious meal today using beans, kale, zucchini, cherry tomatoes and rosemary from my garden. Mm mmm good.