Camp Tech Brings Friendly & Practical Tech Workshops to Vancouver



Camp Tech is Vancouver’s newest option for tech training. Unlike some of the other options in the city, this isn’t for people who want to go pro. It’s for anyone who wants bite-size, practical, and affordable learning, in a fun environment.

What is Camp Tech?

Camp Tech offers in-person tech workshops for non-technical people. Their relaxed, informative and hands-on classes for the general public run in Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ottawa, and now Vancouver.

Who is Camp Tech for?

Camp Tech isn’t for people who want to become pro nerds. These workshops are for small business owners, marketing professionals, bloggers and anyone curious to learn more about technology. Beginners are welcome – Camp Tech strives to create a welcoming environment for those that are hesitant around technology.

The classes are short and offer great value. Workshops are taught by digital experts, and there’s an emphasis on practical skills that can be put into place right away.

And the workshops are fun! Camp Tech instructors know that you’ll learn more if you’re having a good time, so expect to laugh, not yawn. This isn’t stuffy corporate-style training.

What are the workshops and classes?

Attendees can choose from 3-hour classes in Photoshop, InDesign, Email Marketing, Google Analytics, or learn how to build a website in a day at the 6-hour WordPress workshop. Workshops run during the day, in the evening, and on weekends. Check the Camp Tech website, as more topics and workshop dates are announced regularly.


Camp Tech Details

All workshops take place at the HiVE Co-Working Space, 128 West Hastings Street in Gastown. See a list of upcoming classes at

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