Vancouver Heritage Foundation Weekly: Heritage Energy Retrofit Grant (Pilot Program)


Vancouver Heritage Foundation is a registered charity supporting the conservation of heritage buildings and structures in recognition of their contribution to the city’s economy, sustainability and culture.

“Part of what vancouver heritage foundation is about is to shift the culture to appreciate and enjoy the historic buildings we have, and work with them rather than replacing them” (Judith Mosley, VHF Executive Director)

If you or someone you know owns a Vancouver home built before 1940 or one that is on the Vancouver Heritage Register, consider taking advantage of VHF’s newest grant, the Heritage Energy Retrofit Grant. This pilot program has been created to assist with energy retrofits for older homes that are compatible with conserving their heritage fabric and character elements. In partnership with the City of Vancouver Sustainability Group, who will provide funding for the grants, and with assistance from City Green Solutions in developing the program, the Heritage Energy Retrofit Grant will offer up to $3,000 per house for retrofits that deliver measurable reductions in greenhouse gases (GHG’s).

The pilot runs from September 2015 to August 31, 2016 and will be able to assist up to 20 homes. Applications will be assessed as they come in, so early application is encouraged. Qualifying retrofits include insulation, air sealing, window repairs and storm windows, and high efficiency forms of heating and hot water. If you think your home qualifies, please read the terms and conditions and apply now.

If you’ve already completed energy retrofits to your pre-1940s or heritage registered home we cannot retroactively assist with completed projects, but you may still be eligible for further retrofit grants or VHF’s other grants which include: Get on the Register, House Call, Restore It! and True Colours. Contact us to find out!