Life in the Bike Lane – Victoria and Nat



In this series we stop people along the bike lanes in Vancouver and have chats with them about their thoughts on cycling, their bikes, and more. Have a look at the archive HERE.



Victoria and Nat.

Where are you from Nat?

Nat: I’m from Bristol, England, but I’m currently living in Cornwall.

How long are you here for?

Nat: I’m not sure as I haven’t bought a ticket home yet. Probably for as long as the money lasts, so about another month.

Why did you come to Vancouver?

Nat: Well, why not? I’ve been traveling from Montreal where I hitched across the country and just wanted to see every bit of Canada that I could. I heard that Vancouver was a cool city so I decided to make my way here. I am heading to Vancouver Island tomorrow, specifically to Tofino because I love surfing. I hope to see a bear as I haven’t seen one yet.

Victoria, do you live around here?

Victoria: I live just up on Main Street, it’s a great biking area.

Do you commute to work by bike?

Victoria: Yup, it takes me about half an hour. Luckily all downhill.

Do you have any favorite places that you like biking in Vancouver?

Victoria: I love being so close to Kitsilano for biking, and Main Street is safe considering there is so much traffic. I feel quite comfortable on my bike. Yesterday I went to Davie Street via the Cambie Street Bridge, and today we are headed to Granville Street and then over to Stanley Park.

Tell me about your helmet?

Victoria: Well I got it for free, because I probably wouldn’t have bought one otherwise. I think that everyone wears one and that is why I do as well. Thankfully I have never had any falls. If I was to upgrade mine I would probably go for one of those ones that look like a motorcycle helmet but doesn’t have the front part.

Well helmets actually have a shelf life of a couple years of wearing them so it is important to switch it up every once in a while especially if you drop your helmet a lot.

Victoria: Mine has definitely hit the ground a few times. Either flying out of my bag or dropping it.

How about you, Nat? I don’t see a helmet?

Nat: Yea, I’ve got one in my back pack. I put it in there because I was just getting a little hot with it on. Which is very irresponsible of me.

Victoria: Well you should put it on now as we are going into a high traffic area.

Nat: (Puts on her helmet) The reason I have one on me is because of Victoria. She said that I needed one so I borrowed one from a friend. It seems like most people wear them around here. In England it is very rare that someone has one on, but maybe that is because of the law.

Would people get fined if they weren’t wearing a helmet?

Nat: They would, but I don’t know how diligent the police are about enforcing that law. I would be more worried about the people that don’t have any hands on their bikes, and are texting while not wearing a helmet. They are the ones that should get fined.

Victoria: I saw a man actually carrying a baby while he was biking. That should be illegal if it isn’t already.