What is #posevancouver?


Yesterday morning a bunch of golden picture frames popped up around town with the hashtag #posevancouver on them and, as expected, people started taking their photos in them.

There was no press release that went out (that we got, anyway), no big splash on the news but simply a mystery which may or may not end up being solved. When things like this pop up they usually fall under 3 categories:

1. Ad campaigns. The aim is that people post tons of photos using the hashtag and then in a couple days somebody will jump out of a cake and say “Oh, you like posing? Buy this thing!”.
2. City of Vancouver projects to tie in with some initiative they’ve got like increasing public engagement.
3. (This is the best one) Random citizens putting up fun things in the city, anonymously, just to do

Regardless of which of these 3 it is, we think it’s pretty nice.

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