Spy reads to get you excited for Spectre


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There’s nothing like a good spy story to get you in the mood for Bond. James Bond, that is. As the latest Bond movie hits theatres this weekend, uncover your own trail of secrets and action-packed thrills by spying these recommended reads from VPL’s reading experts:

Spy ReadsPalace of Treason by Jason Matthews

Jason Matthews, a retired CIA officer turned novelist, offers an action-packed and dramatic tale featuring a Russian intelligence officer who works undercover for the CIA. Set in modern-day Russia, the officer’s safety is compromised when her secret is uncovered by a mole. What unfolds is a well-crafted tale of espionage, intrigue and suspense.

The Rook by Daniel O’Malley

A woman with no identity awakens to discover her memory lost. She must follow the instructions she has left for herself to uncover her betrayer. It doesn’t take long for her to discover that she is a rook – a high-ranking member of a secret organization with a deadly supernatural power of her own.

I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes

Pilgrim is the codename for a man who doesn’t exist. While working for a top secret U.S. government agency, he wrote the definitive book on forensic criminal investigation. But soon, unexplained murders make headlines around the world and Pilgrim realizes the perpetrator is using the manual he crafted to execute the perfect crime.

The Sympathizer by Viet Thanh Nguyen

In this intense spy novel set amidst the Vietnam War, a select group of the South Vietnamese army are shipped off to the U.S. as refugees. Unknown to them, one among their group – the Captain – is a Communist undercover agent with an agenda of his own.

The Innocent by David Baldacci

When top government assassin Will Robbie refuses to terminate his assigned target, he is left with no choice but to run. Along the way, he rescues 14-year-old Julie Getty, who is also running for her life after witnessing the unfortunate murder of her own parents. Together, they must figure out how to survive and find out who is hunting them down.

Red Harvest by Dashiell Hammett

This gritty noir detective novel centres on the unscrupulous town of Personville, nicknamed “Poisonville” by the townspeople. What first appears to be a homicide case turns into something much more sinister as an operative from the Continental Detective Agency uncovers the corruption and violence hidden underneath the surface of this quaint town.

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