Hootsuite CEO launches $25 stand up desk company


The OLD standing desks at Hootsuite. Photos: @rjgreenstone @tracimer @brionycrane @samelaanderson @jaimestein

If you’ve ever been into the offices of Hootsuite (or spent time with the #hootsuitelife hashtag on Instagram) then you’ve probably noticed their patented (not actually patented) Ikea hack shown in the photos above. They’ve applied a $6.99 shelf to a $9.99 side table to construct a standing desk, and they’re used by loads of Hootsuite employees. At $16.98 each, that’s a pretty smart answer to getting hundreds of stand up desks, but CEO Ryan Holmes has just taken it a step further.


Ryan uses a stand up desk himself and he wanted something better, so he teamed up with designers Steven Suchy and Nathan Martell to release a $25 (USD) standing desk that was just launched today. The design is genius in its simplicity, saving not only money in production but also resources made to construct not only those expensive stand up desks that you see but also the Ikea hacks (it kills me to think of all the glue they put in the Ikea particle board).

The brand is called oristand and you can learn about it in the video below. Then order one HERE!

oristand currently comes in 3 different colours
oristand currently comes in 3 different colours