Vancouver drone enthusiast launches international platform


I received an email today about an interesting site that’s in its beta phase right now, to launch fully on February 20th. is meant to bring together drone enthusiasts and industry professionals for discussions about “all things drone-related”, and it seems long overdue as more and more people buy these machines and cities grapple with educating the public and regulating them.

D.O. holds polls, moderates forum conversations, posts to a blog and encourages users to create their own blogs on the site and share photos of their drones in their “Showcase” section. They also share inspiring videos like this one below about a delivery service that’s testing solar-powered drones.

Founder Jonathan Lim says that “As the popularity of drones continues to explode, concerns over safety and privacy have contributed to negative drone-related press”. In response, one of their key mandates is to advocate safe flying and educate the user community about the rules. And to start the dialogue, they’re reaching out to and partnering with local “drone-related interest groups” which I imagine exist around us, only out of sight unless you’re a dronehead.

Have a look at

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