This guy just launched Vancouver’s only packaged bone broth brand


My friend Connor Meakin has been brewing up something great lately. Over the past six months he’s been testing recipes and methods, and has perfected two bone broth recipes that he’s now proudly selling in Vancouver.

His freshly unveiled brand Pure Bone Broth is the answer to the rising trend of people consuming bone broth for their health. They say it makes your skin more radiant, alleviates joint pain, helps your liver and more. Until this point there were only a couple places that made it fresh locally, and none of them have it packaged up like Connor’s, to take home with you. The bones he use come from 100% organic, grass fed animals, and the story behind him discovering what some call “magical healing powers” is pretty great; it’s his heart that he puts into it that puts it over the top.


He delivers it to you frozen – or you can order then pick it up from 686 Powell – and you thaw it by running room temperature water over it. I got some from him today and prepared it in the recommended way; simply heating it in a pot over the stove and consuming it as a drink. Many folks like to use it as a soup base or in other recipes, and he usually includes a couple when he sends out his broth (which you can currently only order directly from him), but I like it straight up. In fact I love it; it’s just as wonderful as the stuff I get from a shop in Mount Pleasant.

Have a look at Pure Bone Broth’s site here and consider ordering a 750ml package of it for $11.99. It’s well worth the price, and you’ll be supporting a small local business in the very earliest stages of its life.


HERE are two other options for picking up BC bone broth!

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