Dogtown Vancouver: Riggs


Today’s dog featured in Dogtown Vancouver is Riggs, Danny’s pup. Here’s what he had to say about him…

NAME: Riggs.
BREED: Basset Hound.
HOOD: Granville and Broadway, the West End, East Van.
FAVOURITE SNACK: Bison liver jerky, apple chunks and cheese slices.
OTHER INFO: Born the runt of the litter in a Central Alberta puppy mill, Riggs is a good-humoured demonstration of the magic of rescue. Years ago, Riggs fit comfortably in the palm of your hand with long ears and wide paws drooping down through open fingers. Synchronizing these considerable appendages took practice; often stepping on an ear and tripping himself into a front roll, the floppy pup was impossible not to immediately love. Presently, he’s nailed his stride down scrumming for tennis balls. He still, however dips his ears into every drink.
The nomad livin’, lady killin’, low ridin’ pup can be found ridin’ easy in the back of his pops’ El Camino. A true blues hound, Riggs howls harmony to vintage vinyl selections and gets groovy with all the tourists, new friends and old accomplices who simply must have a photo.




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Colleen is a dog-loving, seawall-riding, milkshake-making Vancouver-based writer. She enjoys spending her days off hanging out with mongrels of any and all kinds and frequenting used book stores.