3 Vancouver inventions on Kickstarter right now


Generally when we post local Kickstarter campaigns we’ll share one at a time, but there are currently three really great Vancouver inventions being crowdfunded right now so today we opted for a roundup.

The first invention is Lifepack. As of right now they’ve raised $265,000 for their solar powered, theft-preventing super backpack, and they’ve still got 21 days left in their campaign. Find out what makes this invention so great by watching the video below, then check out the full campaign page HERE.

The world’s first 2-way, keyless, sliding door lock might not be as sexy as the backpack project above but it’s worth checking out if you’re a homeowner and you want to bring your patio door out to date. What’s up with those old locks? How is it possible that nobody else has thought of this until now? Check it out below then see the full campaign HERE.

If you’ve got a dog you know the grossness that is the bottom of their water bowl. Cubowl solves that! Watch the video below then check the campaign HERE.

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