5 of the best photos from Nostalgic Vancouver


We’ve shared their photos before but can’t stress how much you need to join the Facebook Group Nostalgic/Sentimental Vancouver (Photos). The Group is home to professional and amateur historians alike and images often start out as a mystery that someone dug up – online, in a shoe box, or elsewhere.

A conversation usually ensues in the comments of each photo with people sharing their memories, speculating on the subjects as well as offering insight into the specific photo as well as the general history of our city. It’s one of the most civil and interesting places for conversation on the internet, and I urge you to join the Group if you want to learn more about where Vancouver came from.

These are five of the most interesting photos posted in the past five days to the group. They’re the tip of the iceberg.

That time a an elephant picked a person up by their head in the hollow tree in Stanley Park.


That time there was a gas station at 3rd and Commercial Drive.


That time the otters had a waterslide in Stanley Park.


That time people didn’t read the sign behind a church on Franklin.


That time there was a sweet mobile home in the East End that people would stop and stare at.

Photo: Svend Erik-Erikson

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