The Do604 x Vancouver Is Awesome Weekly Playlist: May 24-29 2016

20 songs by bands playing some of the best shows in Vancouver this week


via-playlistThis week, our city is treated to local talent like Tourist Company and X Presidents, and international. Like hip hop? Drum n bass? Soul? Folk? Outdoor concerts? You’ll be happy to hear, you can have it all this week.

Here are 20 songs by 20 bands playing our favourite concerts this week, presented as always by our city’s #KnowFun champions, Do604.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis “Buckshot”
Quality hip hop in an era of questionable hip hop, accentuated by the presence of legend KRS-One.
mackle-viaNothing But Thieves “If I Get High (II)”
So what if this is a Bends-era Radiohead ripoff, this is beautiful music.
nbt-viaTanika Charles “Soul Run”
Last week Vancouver was blessed with the soul of Charles Bradley, this week Tanika Charles plays the Fox.
tainika-viaGrum “Under Your Skin”
With tracks like this, he’ll get deep at M.I.A.
grum-viaMatt Corby “Monday”
Get soulful. Absolutely gorgeous, if every Monday was like this, we’d welcome the start of the week.
corby-viaThe Tourist Company “Budget Meeting”
Be patient, visitor, the best is yet to come.
tourist-viaLa Luz “Black Hole, Weirdo Shrine”
Poppy lo fi fun.
laluz-viaMac Demarco “Just To Put Me Down”
Transported from another time and place, Demarco’s sound is a breath of fresh air. Catching him at Malkin Bowl will be grand.
demarco-viaRaeliss “Lit”
Currently Vancouver based, Raeliss hails from New Orleans, and raised New York, he brings a rooted vibe to his sound that is both current but stands out from the current noise.
raeliss-viaRudimental “I Will For Love”
Vocally driven drum n bass, yeah!
rudi-viaSavages “The Answer”
Psychedelic rock n roll
savages-cviaYoung Benjamins “Young Argument”
There’s a charming nod to country and folk in this prairie band’s sound. Experience them live this Friday.
ben-viaAlabama Shakes “Don’t Wanna Fight”
Whatta talented band. They set a high bar with their debut, in their sophomore outing, they raised that bar, especially in this hair-raising single.
ala-viaAutolux “Hamster Suite”
Yep, another comparison to Radiohead, but when a Kid A-era sound is this alluring, we say borrow freely!
autolux-viaBreakbot “Wet Dream”
Distant street summer light people life breath pulse.
breakbot-viaIan Howie “You’re Not Real”
Amazing production. Go on a deep house Howie journey.
iain-viaTitus Andronicus “A Pair Of Brown Eyes”
There’s an epic approach remniscint of Fucked Up or that one Cory likes
titus-viaX Presidents “The Fury”
Get psyched. The vibe is gonna be positive and energized, as X Presidents will be spittin’ from their soon to be released EP.
x-viaChelsea Wolfe “Flame”
Wolfe holds a barely flickering flame closely in her echoing chamber of emotion.
chelsea-viaThe So So Glos “Dancing Industry”
Clever commentary on the music industry. Hint: they’re not singing “Dancing In The Streets.”

Have an awesome time listening, and an awesome week seeing these bands live! Come back next Monday for another Do604 x Vancouver Is Awesome Weekly Playlist, the best way to get a sneak peek into the hottest bands coming to our city.

And at any time, check out our Vancouver Events calendar to see the best of what’s coming to our city. Never miss another great show!