Transporting Expo 86: Bikes, Beers and Bali


img: Museum Of Vancouver
Highway 86. img: Museum Of Vancouver
The Museum of Vancouver continues to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Expo 86 with a celebratory evening of presentations and musical performance that recall Expo’s central theme: transportation.

Transportation and mobility were instrumental to both the design and engagement of Expo 86. The prototype launch of Vancouver’s Skytrain, the fair’s playful Highway 86 installation and the various pavilions featuring mobility and transit engineering all worked to create a future vision (some actualized, some imagined) for greater mobility.

Panelists will present thoughtful recollections and engaged analysis of Expo’s preoccupation with transportation and consider ways in which it has helped define Vancouver’s transportation development and urban design.

This event will additionally feature two sets of live music by local ensemble, Gamelan Bike Bike, a group of cycle enthusiasts who collect discarded bicycle parts, creatively reused as instruments to explore traditional Gamelan arrangements and composition. Expo 86 hosted the first International Gamelan Festival with performances by visiting musicians from Bali.

The event will be hosted by CBC’s Grant Lawrence.

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MOV will offer an on-site Bicycle Valet, free with admission. We encourage patrons to cycle to the event in support of Bike to Work Week.

Date: Thursday, June 2

Time: Bar opens at 6:00pm. First performance at 6:30pm, presentation and discussion at 7:00pm. Second performance to follow discussion.

Tickets: $15 adults; $11 Students & Seniors; Free for MOV Members