The Do604 x Vancouver Is Awesome Weekly Playlist: June 13-19 2016


VIA-header-play-June13We’re into the full swing of festival season, and with that comes an incredible diversity of artists, from City of Bhangra’s DJs and Festival d’été francophone de Vancouver’s playful partiers, to Levitation’s psychedelic rockers, like Cherry Glazerr. Plus many more! Enjoy our 20 song playlist, packed with the top recommended shows, as picked by our city’s #KnowFun champions, Do604.

Together Pangea “Looked In Too”
Kick it off with the awesome energy of TP.
together pangea

Matthew Azrieli “Chloe”
There’s a great classic Paul Simon vibe to Azrieli’s music.
matthew azrioli

Plants and Animals “No Worries Gonna Find Us”
P&A put their personal spin on “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”
plants and animals

Seven Nines and Tens “Thermocapsulary Dehousing Assister”
Epic. Think “300” level, “the fate of the world hangs in the balance” level of epicness.
seven nines and tens

Phaeleh “Remember”
Get lost in the hypnotic vocals, the glitchy beat.

FIDLAR “Punks”
Need to screeeeeeeeam?

Com Truise “Battlecry”
A future where the air is light and the skies are bright, CT remixes Digitalism.
com truise

Suuns “Mortoise and Tenon”
Trippy. But more beat driven than wtf upside down rhythms.

Kill The Noise “Mine”
Driving beat with UNKLE-style cascading echoing vocals to wrap it up.
kill the noise

The Katherines “Tomorrow”
Something out of a late 90s movie, think Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet.
the katherines
Thundercat “Them Changes”
Funky as f**k.

Cherry Glazerr “Had Ten Dollaz”
A song with so much sass, it warrants the “z”
cherry glazerr

Yann Perreau “Momonna”
Festive song for a festive event: Festival d’été francophone de Vancouver
yann perreau
DJ KSR “New Punjab”
Toronto-based DJ is gonna light up FIVESIXTY this Saturday.
Scenic Route to Alaska “Ghost”
On the way to Alaska, or just to work, this is perfect commute music.
scenic route to alaska
Holy Wave “You Should Lie”
Fuzz rock at its best.
holy wave
The Prototypes “Is It Love”
Fast rhythms, patient vocals, this is drum n’ bass all the way.
the prototypes
Jerry Folk “Where I’m Going”
Funk and groove.
jerry folk
Radiation Flowers “Run”
There’s rarely a reason to rave about the rain in June, but when music like this fits so perfectly…
radiation flowers
Pale Dian “Pas De Deux”
Ease out with high note keys and a tempo change last minute. Enjoy!
pale dian

Have an awesome time listening, and an awesome week seeing these bands live! Come back next Monday for another Do604 x Vancouver Is Awesome Weekly Playlist, the best way to get a sneak peek into the hottest bands coming to our city.

And at any time, check out our Vancouver Events calendar to see the best of what’s coming to our city. Never miss another great show!

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