7 Reasons You Should Visit Cultus Lake Adventure Park This Summer



img: Cultus Lake Adventure Park
img: Cultus Lake Adventure Park

Most of us who grew up around Vancouver are familiar with Cultus Lake Water Park from our childhoods, but Cultus Lake Adventure Park is a relatively new arrival on the amusement park scene, and it offers up a pretty fun way to spend a summer day.

Once known only as Giggle Ridge Adventure Golf, Cultus Lake Adventure Park is only a short skip away from the famous Cultus Lake Waterslides – right across the street, in fact!

Best news of all: They’re open daily starting June 24th, so it’s the perfect time to grab a few friends, head down and chase some thrills.

With that in mind, here are seven of the best reasons to visit the Adventure Park this summer:

You’ll experience a roller coaster adrenaline rush

img: Cultus Lake Adventure Park
img: Cultus Lake Adventure Park

The Runaway Mine Train is the newest attraction at the park, and the most popular ride for thrill-seekers. The nearly 1000-foot-long track will send you flying up and down about 20 metres above the park grounds, twisting and turning in a runaway mine cart, Indiana Jones style.

You can brush up on your mini golf skills

Enjoy the one-of-a-kind scenery at Giggle Ridge as you play mini golf in a cartoon mountain lumber camp. There are 18 holes on the course, and if you get a hole-in-one on the 18th hole, you win a free game!

You’ll enjoy the summer breeze while flying through the air

img: Cultus Lake Adventure Park
img: Cultus Lake Adventure Park

Surrounded by Cultus Lake’s natural landscape, the Wave Swinger will have you soaring among the treetops. Enjoy the view from the swing set during the day or wait until it gets dark out to watch the Wave Swinger light up the park.

And it’s worth noting that the park offers Night Rider Unlimited Rides Wristbands for $15, which allows unlimited access to all rides for the last 3 hours of the day. During peak season they stay open until 10pm, so it’s a perfect call for night owls or date nights.

You’ll spend the day out in the sunshine

Time flies quickly at the park, and before you know it, a whole day in the sun will have passed. Enjoy that warm summer light alongside the natural beauty of Cultus Lake – and get a start on your tan.

There are a bunch of calmer rides for the kids

img: Cultus Lake Adventure Park
img: Cultus Lake Adventure Park

For those of you with little ones – there are plenty of rides to keep them happy, too. The park is home to a Ferris wheel, bumper cars, carousels, and easy-going swing rides.

Those tasty amusement park snacks

There’s something nostalgic about amusement park snacks. Although they may not be made for the most sophisticated palette, they’ll definitely keep everyone full and happy during your day at the park.

New food on the menu for 2016 includes pulled pork & coleslaw sandwiches, mini-donuts and cotton candy. That’s in addition to the classics that have been there all along: hot dogs, slushies, chips, pop, hot chocolate, candy bags, etc.

Walking over to the Waterpark is easy

Since the park is only a short walk away from the Waterpark, turning your Cultus Lake adventure into a full-on day trip is super easy (and recommended). Spend the warmest part of the day cooling off on the waterslides before getting a dose of thrills at the park in the evening. Double up on the good times.

Oh, by the way – there’s 25% discount for an All-Day Unlimited Rides Wristband on the back of every Waterpark ticket!

Yes, the Cultus Lake Adventure Park promises a pretty memorable summer day for visitors – but will you have the courage to take a turn on that crazy Round-Up 360 ride?

img: Cultus Lake Adventure Park
img: Cultus Lake Adventure Park