Beer is better when delivered by a bald eagle


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Imagine getting an ice cold beer delivered right into your hands. Now, imagine that the delivery method is a drone decorated to look like a bald eagle. And a real bald eagle is at the controls of the drone.

That’s exactly what the winners of Phillips’ “Beer From a Bird” contest experienced on a boat in Vancouver on June 5th. The two victors and their friends waited on the bow of the boat for the guest of honour (a drone-driven fake eagle) to fly in with their Pilsner. How amazing does that sound?

In case you need to see it to believe it, check out the video below to watch it all unfold:

The original idea for the contest was to use an actual bald eagle to drop off the beer. The bird (named Hercules) was fully trained and ready to deliver the beer, but then the concept hit some red tape with the Ministry and the eagle was grounded. To keep the idea of serving “beer from a bird,” Phillips created a bald eagle drone and put Hercules at the controls.

The founder of the brewery, Matt Philips, explained it this way: “When we consider why we should do something, we often find the best answer to be ‘why not’. That’s why we transformed a 53’ tractor trailer into the ultimate mobile pub, and why we’re the only brewery in Canada to malt our own barley in-house. Plus, eagles are majestic, bold, and beautiful; beer is often the same.”

Check out to get more information about the contest and watch the drone drop off Phillips’ pilsners into a nest filled with ice.

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