Local App Changes the Way We Experience Vancouver’s Past


Lions Gate Bridge.
Lions Gate Bridge. Vancouver Archives Reference: AM640-S1-: CVA 260-844.

Founded by Chris Reid and Andrew Farris, the On This Spot app allows you to experience Vancouver’s unique history in a whole new way. How does it work? Point your phone at a landmark and instantly see a historical photograph of the same location. Our favourite component however is the app’s camera editor, which allows you to place yourself into historic photos at the same spot they were originally taken. So cool!

Other Features:

– Hundreds of historic photos mapped out with pinpoint accuracy.
– Tours on based on a variety of subjects: from the Great Fire of Vancouver to Chinatown to Vancouver’s real estate history.
– Frequent updates and new content.
– 11 walking tours of the city.
– To learn more or download On This Spot, visit their website, HERE.

1900’s Arch.
1900’s Arch.Vancouver Archives Reference: AM54-S4-: Arch P21.
Water St after the Great Fire.
Water St after the Great Fire.Vancouver Archives Reference: AM54-S4-: Str N59.
Birks Building.
Birks Building. Vancouver Archives Reference: AM1545-S3-: CVA 586-4399.
Buglers Parade on Hastings st.
Buglers Parade on Hastings st. Vancouver Archives Reference: AM1535-: CVA 99-469.