Dogtown Vancouver: Giggle


Today’s dog featured in Dogtown Vancouver is Giggle, Elizabeth’s pup. Here’s what she had to say about her…

NAME: Giggle.
BREED: Border Collie Whippet mix.
HOOD: North Van.
FAVOURITE SNACK: Turkey sticks, cheese and apples.
OTHER INFO: This bouncy young whippet mix is known amongst her friends for her perpetually sunny disposition. Giggle has a firm belief that everyone, regardless of species, is bound to be her next best friend. Her tiny size (only 10kg!) is compensated by her larger than life personality. You can often find this animated animal rocking her custom rainbow collar around North Van, swimming at Ambelside or hiking around Fromme and Lynne Valley.


Screenshot 2016-08-09 16.31.45 Gigs Giggle

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Colleen is a dog-loving, seawall-riding, milkshake-making Vancouver-based writer. She enjoys spending her days off hanging out with mongrels of any and all kinds and frequenting used book stores.