5 Ways to Balance Career Ambitions With Daily Life



It’s one thing to achieve a healthy balance between work and daily life, it’s a whole other challenge to do the same while working towards a fulfilling career.  Imagine if your days were flexible enough to spend time with friends, work a job that pays the bills, and earn the credentials you need to start a career that you actually enjoy. Well, it’s not as unlikely as you might think.

BCIT 2BCIT offers part-time programs and courses that will help you plan for a better tomorrow while still being able to succeed today. From flexible class schedules to applied learning, there are a number of ways that BCIT can work around your current responsibilities and obligations, without slowing down or hindering your ambitions for the future. It’s time to end the daily grind. Check out our guide to goal setting, get inspired and then get to work!

1. Focus on the Future

Sometimes it feels like life is just about making it to the weekend, but it’s so important to keep the bigger picture in mind. Goal setting is a great way to help you focus your energy and prioritize your time on the tasks that matter most. It can also help you shift your perspective in a positive way. That is, by setting goals for the next few years, you’ll be able to better understand how the steps you’re taking now will add up and impact you down the road. This might make something like a soul-sucking part-time job feel more like it’s a means to an end, a necessary part of the journey or even a stepping stone on the path towards a better future.

2. Align Your Goals With Your Passions

BCIT 1If you love the work, it won’t feel like work. Don’t get us wrong, you still need to make money, but why not shoot for both? With more course offerings than anyone else, BCIT allows you to let your passions be the guide. You can earn credentials in sciences, business, broadcast media, communications, digital arts, marketing management, software development, computer technology, engineering, health and so much more. Think about what would make you the happiest and go from there. By setting your sights on something you’re passionate about, you’ll enjoy putting in the work along the way.

3. Set Aside Time for Friends, Family and Fun

BCITTaking time out to relax and recharge will make you way more productive when it’s time to work. That means you’re less likely to burnout, which means you really can keep up the work/studying/life balance. We’re not saying it’s going to be easy, but with flexible schedules that include classes on evenings and weekends, BCIT Is definitely putting the odds in your favor. They also offer distance and online classes, which means you can reallocate time that you’d spend in your car towards pursuing your goals.

4. Connect With a Community

BCIT 3By connecting with people who are striving to achieve similar goals, you can learn from each other’s mistakes and successes and inspire each other along the way. The BCIT student body is comprised of thousands of likeminded students who are all on a similar journey. Not only will you be able to connect to this amazing, supportive student community, BCIT has fantastic industry connections that will give you a leg up after graduation.

5. Work Hard, Work Smart

BCIT 4Don’t spend hours buried in a textbook, get experience doing the real thing. Internships and volunteering are a great way to get hands-on work experience. BCIT also specializes in applied learning, which means that you won’t just be learning from a textbook, you’ll be getting actual work experience that prepares you for whatever you have to face down the road. BCIT programs are also developed in consultation with leading employers, so each course you take will provide you with the necessary experience you need to succeed in any given field. Faculty members also engage in applied research projects and professional development to ensure their skills are current and meet industry standards. This means that employers will know that when a BCIT grad applies for a job they’re getting the best of the best.

Whether it’s a new career or fresh start, remember to look forward, stay motivated, take breaks and enjoy the journey along the way. For more info on BCIT part-time studies programs, visit their website HERE.