#ArtistAtHome with Peter Ricq


It was a chance meeting on the day that I lost my wallet that I ended up connecting with and arranging the shoot for today’s #ArtistAtHome. This is Peter Ricq. His band Humans  released their first full length album ‘Noontide’ last year. He is a very artistic guy and has created several animated Television Series including ‘The League of Super Evil’. Peter also recently released his first graphic novel titled ‘Once Our Land’, a post-apocalyptic tale set in 1830’s Germany. On top of all of that, Peter also does all of the design work for his band’s merchandise, including the painting seen behind him below. 

Peter Ricq in his Mount Pleasant home.

During my visit Peter was in the midst putting the finishing touches on an animated storyboard. I was actually surprised that he uses Photoshop to do this work, it looked amazing. When chatting about his music, I asked him about how he is actually creates it. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Humans, their music is built from samples manually compiled and played live by himself and the other half of the duo Robbie Slade on a collection of various sampling machines. Many thanks to Peter for the interesting visit. Here is a cool new track from HUMANS – you can thank me later, but don’t blame me if you keep this on repeat. You can see them play live this Saturday evening as part of The Vancouver International Film Festival.

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