Withstanding the Ripple of the US Election with Interesting Vancouver


We’re sure everyone was on pins and needles watching the US Election yesterday. Fear and tensions are surmounting across the developed work these days, so what can we do about it?

During tough times, we can stay above the fray by turning to our community for inspiration and laughter. This isn’t meant to discount what has happened or to brush it under a rug—this is to reaffirm what we desperately need right now. And this is why events such as Interesting Vancouver are so crucial to our community. This is a time to come together and celebrate the differences that unite us and makes us unique through connections with one another. When people come together with open hearts, inspiration and laughter will always help with the tumult of emotions you’re probably feeling.

There is one thing you can feel today and that is gratitude.

Let’s all be grateful we live in a beautiful city such as Vancouver with a community who welcomes your diversity, and doesn’t repel it. To be grateful for events like Interesting Vancouver, who encourage people to come together and celebrate what makes you interesting. This is why Interesting Vancouver comes together—to share heartfelt stories and moments with one another to connect. And that’s exactly what we need after watching the US Election last night. This isn’t about burying our heads in the sand; this is a time to band together and share in the inspiration, gratitude for one another, and laughter.

Let us be grateful we can connect with one another tomorrow night.

Grab your tickets here so we can all gather as a community to share in the inspiration of celebrating diversity and uniqueness.

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Interesting Vancouver is an annual cross-disciplinary gathering of fascinating people sharing their hobbies, obsessions, and passions. The purpose is to expand the collective vision of what is uniquely possible in Vancouver and done by Vancouverites through interesting stories, explorations, and discoveries. The aim is to connect and cross-pollinate interesting or interested minds across any and all disciplines. The belief is great ideas come from the unexpected connections made in life.