5 B.C. Wines to impress this holiday season


For the wine-lover on your Christmas list, these B.C. Wines are sure to receive oohs and ahhs.

2014 Nota Bene Black Hills Estate Winery Nota Bene 2014. ($52.09)
Black Hills released it’s first Nota Bene vintage in 1999 and became one of the Okanagan’s first cult wines. Nota Bene remains one of Canada’s most sought after and recognized wines. While sold-out at the winery, you may still be able to find a bottle of this coveted Bordeaux-style red wine at one of Vancouver’s private wine stores. Or give the wine-lover on your holiday list a Black Hills wine-club membership, which guarantees the 2015 vintage will be sent in the New Year upon release.

Image result for mission hill oculusMission Hill Family Estate Oculus 2012. ($125.00)
One of Canada’s most beautiful wineries and recognized around the world for their stunning architecture, Mission Hill Winery released their flagship wine, Oculus in 1997. Today, Oculus is recognized as one of Canada’s finest Bordeaux-style red wines. For wine collectors this is simply a must have for the cellar.  Available direct from the winery.

One of the oldest wineries in the Okanagan, Hester Creek in 2006 decided to put forth a limited production of their “best of the best” with the release of their Bordeaux-style red wine, “The Judge”. Today, “The Judge” is recognized as one of Canada’s premium wines and offers exceptional value.  Available direct from the winery.

Image result for painted rock 2014 red iconWhile the Okanagan wine scene has exploded, Painted Rock is one of only a handful of new B.C. wineries to achieve cult status. Committed to the production of ultra-premium terroir wines, Painted Rock purchased their vineyard in 2004 and opened their winery in 2013. Their wines have achieved a devout following with both wine critics and well-drank consumers. Their flagship wine, Red Icon a Bordeaux-style red wine, is recognized both locally and internationally as one of Canada’s best. At $47.79 this wine is a steal. Available direct from the winery.

Rose11Blue Mountain Winery Reserve Brut 2008 ($39.90)
Another of the original B.C. cult wineries, Blue Mountain Vineyards, has set the standard for excellence in Canadian sparkling wine. A family-run estate vineyard which opened in 1991, they remain one of Canada’s top wineries. Blue Mountain’s Reserve Brut 2008, made in the traditional method, competes with the very best French champagne at three times the price. Outstanding value. Available direct from the winery.