Local Kickstarter Aims to Prevent Seasonal Touchscreen Rage


Here’s the set-up, you’re walking around town, enjoying (or hating) winter and you need to use your phone. You take it out of your pocket, swipe and get nothing. You tap and still, nothing. The only way you’re going to use that precious mobile device is if you take off your gloves and subject your hands to the cruel winter weather. Before you know it, you’re caught in vicious cycle of gloves on/gloves off and you’re little hands are freezing. Sigh…

Fortunately for us, a local company has designed a product that will solve all your winter touchscreen woes. TAPS is a touchscreen sticker that will make any glove touchscreen compatible. It is also built with a unique fingerprint for touch ID function Powered using Nanotips®.

TAPS is extremely adhesive and can be applied to any surface for touch capability and is guaranteed to work on all touchscreen devices. The minds behind TAPS were actually one of the first ever Vancouver-based Kickstarter campaigns to be funded and it sounds like they’ve got another home run on their hands. Happy tapping!