V.I.A. just launched a new company!


I’m very excited to announce a new venture today: Pennants of Canada! We founded this small business as a way to help people celebrate all things Canada, in their homes.


The idea came about while I was collecting antique felt pennants for our BC Was Awesome history TV show. For every town that we visited in our first season I sourced a vintage pennant (mostly from the local antique shop Stepback), and we used them in the animations and credits for all of our segments. The pennants we’re producing are made to the same specs, using the same type of felt fabric as the classics.

Vintage pennants as seen in BC Was Awesome
Vintage pennants as seen in BC Was Awesome

Our pennants are manufactured right here in Vancouver and we’re working with some of Canada’s best designers to produce the artwork for them. The folks we’ve tapped for our inaugural collection are Kim Ridgewell, Shawn Parkinson, Marcus Hynes, Jamie Anderson, Bill Watterson, Jill Southern, Emanuel Smedbøl, 10four Design Group and Justin Longoz. More will be announced each month along with new designs.

Check out the collection below (and place an order directly from this page if you’d like), then take a look at all of the designs in our online store at PennantsOfCanada.com. Stay up to date by following us on Instagram and by liking our Facebook Page. We’ll be adding new designs all the time, as well as new products beyond our flagship felt pennants.